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Meet Mz Margz
Margaret Gill, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Speaker & Writer

I’m The Implementor and The Muse For Your Fuse™️
If you are a mission centric kind of person – someone with a burning desire to get something that’s deeply important to you implemented ….. then you are in the right place.

If you wish to develop the depth of wisdom held within you so you can share it with the world, make your impact and difference AND be richly rewarded including financially, then my following programs are here to help the seven parts of you that I can help you develop.

I've found there are seven areas that need to be focused on as your develop your message for the world and these are the areas where I love to help people.
I tend to work with audaciously creative people and they certainly don't lack in ideas or enthusiasm.

There are however seven core areas that need to be managed so your products get made and your expertise gets rolled out in a way that sets you in a place of ascendancy in your industry.

Mission centric people are unique. They will go to the brink to get their stuff in action, but sometimes the brink can mean going straight off a cliff with no parachute.  Yes, you can invent the parachute on the way down, or you can find an easier path that gets you there without so much risk to you and your dreams.
Your Seven Sectors of Higher Ambition
For years I was told by well meaning coaches that I couldn't have as many programs as I've come up with - they all said I should just have one thing.  Well I'm not a "one thing" kind of person and the people I attract aren't "one thing" kind of people - the trick is to make your many things appear like one thing that people can work through at their own pace!

Stepping Out to Find All of You That Exists ......It's A Journey!!!

During that journey you need to learn a lot of stuff and because I've been on the journey and learned a lot of stuff .... I have a lot to share with others.  If you don't get that - you're probably in the wrong place.

But if you're audaciously creative, if your antenna is always up and you can't stop ideas coming even if you wanted too .... then you are most certainly in the right place!
Some of my awesome programs below may be just what you need:
About Margaret Gill
Margaret Gill
I bring a unique blend of 15 years real-world corporate experience and 15 years spent as a coach, learning online marketing and practising my own spiritual mastery.  Many courses, events, online and off line training ticked off I have amassed a massive amount of knowledge both in the spiritual and online world.  

I have attended all Brendon Burchard's live events in the USA including two of his elite 10X programs.  In Australia, I've attended events with Robert Rabbin, Matt Church, Gihan Perera, Mal Emery, Brendan Nichols.  I am a certified Higher Ground Coach.  I am a Reiki Master.  I've learned to speak, present and train both online and offline.  I've run my own events and workshops.  I'm living proof that knowledge well-implemented gets you closer to where you want to be.  Because I had so much debt I didn't have the luxury of outsourcing and had to learn how to do everything myself.  It has turned into the greatest gift because now I have hands-on experience of the Infusionsoft campaign builder and build my own sites using Optimize Press and now Clickfunnels.  Years in hotel financial control means I can knock out budgets and I learned to use computers when they didn't even have a mouse!

We could sit after an event and actually implement your ideas on the spot if need be.

I've become the person I wished I had access to when I was coming through the ranks.  I'd love to help you get your dreams on track because you have something unique for the world and the planet really needs you right now.

If You Need More Information
The Attraction Program
Several years ago, Thomas Leonard founder of Coachville came up with 28 principles of attraction, long before the movie The Secret was ever created. 

He ruthlessly examined each principle and eventually sent it out to the 40,000 members of his Coachville community. That’s where I found it and was so moved by the power of this program that I eventually signed up to learn how to teach the principles so I could share them with you.  

The Attraction Program is about 28 thought-expanding, surprisingly practical, and highly effective principles, linked to each other like facets on a diamond. These principles will help you shape your life, career and relationships in the most self-satisfying and profitable way possible.  It will be available soon as a home-study course.
I've had the great honour to learn from and eventually meet some of the worlds greatest thought leaders and teachers. These people have inspired my journey greatly and I certainly never dreamed I would be meeting people like this when I was back in my corporate cube.
I am such a long time fan of Sir Richard Branson, both of his business and philanthropic work, and having read many of his books, and followed his work, it was such a joy to see him speak live and then be able to actually meet him and ham it up a little with him. Next time I want to have lunch with him on Necker Island and go visit with the flamingos.
Brendon Burchard and Retired Judge Micki Aronson at High Performance Academy. Back in 2012 I got an email from Brendon telling me about his 10XEMPIRE event in Times Square, New York. My heart told me I had to go. The result is I have done most of his events and have a high level understanding of his teachings, but the most awesome thing of all is the amazing people you meet at these events.
Ali Brown - I am such a fan that flew in from the Gold Coast to Sydney to hear Ali speak and finally meet her. I followed her right through her ezine days, through all her trials and tribulations and learnt so much about internet marketing from her. I did many of her programs and she has really influenced my journey in such a positive way over the years.
It was such a joy to have a personal vocal coaching session with the fabulous Roger Love in his Hollywood Studio.  Roger trained Bradley Cooper for his role in A Star Is Born.  If the session wasn't awesome enough, the gold and platinum records all over his walls were enough to keep me happy.  What a great guy and I take the recording of the session and sing along in the car whenever I go anywhere that will take more than 27 minutes - I get funny looks at traffic lights!

Meeting Dr Daniel Amen from the Amen Clinics in California was a real blast.  I first saw him speak at High Performance Academy where he was teaching us how to have a high performance brain.  Then I got to meet him when he was in attendance to learn, just like I was, at 10XEMPIRE in Silicone Valley.  His studies of the brain are fascinating and I hope to get one of his brain scans next time I'm back in the USA.

I met Dr Hisham Abdalla at Brendon Burchard's 10XPUBLISHING and 10XEMPIRE events.  He is one of the worlds leading thought leaders and trainers in the cutting edge world of laser dentistry.  When I understood his genius, I got him to fix my smile.  This picture shows him taking moulds so he could level up my teeth.  My smile is actually not straight, so my new front teeth had to be made to offset the wonky smile.  In fact, many imperfections were built into the new teeth to make them look natural.  The result is a perfectly imperfect smile!

Whilst getting my teeth fixed Dr Hisham had been showing me his new Lightwalker Laser that got delivered just in time for me to be one of the first patients to be worked on with it.  Imagine my delight when he also told me that Temuera Morrison who played Jango and Boba Fett in the Star Wars movies The Empire Strikes Back, Attack of the Clones, Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith was in the next room.  As a big Star Wars fan it was awesome to know I really did get a Hollywood Jedi smile just like the one Dr Hisham gave Temuera.
Wednesday Wisdom
Wednesday Wisdom was a glorious accident.  

There was a period in my life when I was so sick all I could do was make little quote cards from the acres of original content I had already created over the years.  

People loved theses small easy to digest pieces of wisdom on social media so I asked if anyone would like a free email once a week with a dose of wisdom to help inspire their day.  

The success and ease of Wednesday Wisdom amazed me and each week without fail someone emails back and tells me how the little piece of wisdom arrived at the exact right time or helped them, or simply added a small dose of inspiration that helped them feel good.

I've gone onto to teach people how to create their own quotes in a program called
 "Wisdom Riffs"
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Your Free Weekly Dose of Inspiration Aimed to Help Tall Poppies Stay Shining in the Sunshine
Then Came Wisdom Riffs....
After creating over 300 Wisdom Riffs, I figured I could teach others how to make their own personally branded wisdom to share with the world.  I see wisdom as the one thing humans have that robots can't do naturally.  Our wisdom is going to be what gets us through the next tumultuous decade.
Share Your Wisdom With The World
How To Create Your Own  Original Wisdom Riffs in 25 Words or Less
Sessions Will Run At Time That Suits Us Both
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Wisdom Riffs are a Fun & Easy Way To Get Your Voice Heard
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